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How to correctly use ST-link/V2 with STM32L476 discovery board ?

Question asked by lavi.pi on Apr 14, 2017
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Iam currently unable to connect to my STM32L476 Discovery board using an ST-Link.

I have removed jumpers from CN3, connected the cables correctly but the utility tool won't detect anything...

JP3 is ON, JP5 is on Idd OFF and JP6 is on 3V3.


Here are the connection between my ST-Link/V2 and my board :


PIN1 -> 3V3

PIN20 -> GND

The STM32L476 discovery board is powered by an external supply (connected to 5V_I).

Here is what I get from STM32 ST-LINK Utility :


Software settings


Software Error


I got the error : 

ST-Link/V2 device detected
Target voltage detected: 3.252984
Driving NRST low
Error getting target IDCODE: if SWD, check SWD connection
Error (4) while initializing ST-Link in SWD mode


I tried every SWD frequencies possible.

I also powered Vapp (on discovery board) with 3.3V (not sure if I have to or not, so I tried both).


Thank you for your help.