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Cannot return in Stream Mode after IT

Question asked by degrange.th_otime on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Miroslav B


I'm working on the LIS2DH12 and I have issues when I configure it. I want to use the Stream-to-FIFO mode, and I want INT1 to trigger when one of the acceleration axis is above the threshold. I have configured the LIS2DH12 registers to perform this.

Then i do this:

  1. I initialialize all the register
  2. I trigger the interrupt
  3. I read all the data in the FIFO
  4. When the FIFO is empty (0x20 in FIFO_SRC_REG ) I read the INT1_SRC  in order to clear the IA bit, and I read 0x15.

After this the FIFO still empty and the LIS2DH12 doesn't fill him, do you have an idea why the FIFO doesn't return in stream mode?

ps: INT_1 is latched, but reading INT1_SRC must clear it.