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Streaming video from DCMI to ili9488 display through DMA and FSMC

Question asked by mischuk.vadim on Apr 11, 2017

I have device model, which consist of stm32f407 discovery board, digital camera and 3.95 inch display with ili9488 controller inside. The display is connected to my stm32 MCU with 8-bit 8080-like bus and accepts RGB565 format. From other side camera also uses RGB565 format, so idea behind my experiments was to make video stream from like that:

camera -> DCMI -> DMA -> FSMC -> ili9488 display;I found some SPL-based code in the Internet, which does almost the same things I need. The problem is I cant configure the DMA correctly: terrible color distortions appear. I think, some problem with endianness occur.

Whatever, I managed to perform streaming without use of DMA, directly with CPU, and the colors were OK. Another thing I am not sure about is FSMC configuration: from code I see it is configured for 16-bit bus while my LCD have only 8-bit bus. I attached some snippets of code, maybe someone can give me any advice regarding that theme.