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RunTime DFU with USB in STM32L4

Question asked by Daniel Tarrago on Apr 10, 2017
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Good mornign,

I'm working in my application that is based on STM32L475 device.

I'm able to flash my device by using the Dfulse Demo software and setting Boot0 to 1 when applying power to device. But I would like to implement and manage DFU functionality in run time via USB: the aim is to have dual bank functionality in order to update firmware without having to change Boot0 pin.

What I have first done is to set DFU parameters using STM32CubeMX:

 - USB_OTG_FS peripheral as device_only

 - Middlewares --> USB_DEVICE: Class For FS IP = Download Firmware Update Class (DFU)

Then I have flashed my device with this setup (project created from Cube) and I thought the device should be recognized when connecting it to PC via USB. But, it was not.

So, which are the best steps to follow to implement this functionality? Is there any example that matches this behaviour?

Best regards.