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CAN TX and Rx-STM32F769i

Question asked by Syed.Rizwan on Apr 10, 2017
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I am testing CAN interface on STM32F769i-Eval board.

Checked the default CAN_Loopback loopback example from the following path


Data is transmitting and receiving properly when confirmed through LED.
Other than LED confirmation,I tried to capture the CAN packets from the connector CN26.
But I am not able to find CAN packets coming out from the CN26 connector.


Also,Checked the default CAN_Networking example from the following path

i feel like the frame may not be getting transmitted.

Am using kvaser tool and application for seeing messages on PC and i could see errorframe messages.

I am able to see the CAN packets with other device using the kvaser tool and application.So I believe Kvaser Tool and PC application is working fine in my test environment.


Is there any additional configuration is required in evk to get the CAN packets in CN26 connector?


Test Environment:
EVK(CN26)------->Kvaser Tool-------->PC(CAN packet Sniffing Application)



Thanks and Regards
Rizwan Syed