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Serial EEPROM Byte and Page Write Endurance

Question asked by go.eric on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by go.eric

Hi There ,

We are currently working on a project using an EEPROM to store sporadic data. The eeprom is a 24AA512 with 512kbits memory, from Microchip.


We use it to store datalogging data from our application. The problem is that we sometimes also need to store only 3-4 bytes data and that this eeprom does page or byte write operations identically, meanning that a full page of 128bytes is refreshed even if I choose to write only one byte in a page area, reducing the endurance of the full page of one cycle everytime. This might cause a problem in our application.


Could anybody tell me if that is the case too in chips of ST , as the M24512 or M95512 for example? does every single byte write means that the full page has to be refreshed? That point doesn't seem to be clearly defined in the datasheet...


thanks in advance for any help.