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Question asked by rossi.luis_filipe on Apr 7, 2017



We are adding a LCD glass to to our product. As a start I tested using STM32L1 Discovery board and now we made a custom board using STM32L0. On the STM32L1 I could disable the VREFINT if I was using external voltage supply for the LCD module. However on the STM32L0 it is stated on the User Guide that I cannot disable the VREFINT if the LCD module is enabled (does not comment anything if I am using external ou internal Voltage for the LCD). Is this a limitation of the STM32L0 compared to STM32L1? How does this works on the STM32L4? It is a quite important factor because the LCD current consumption is very different between both microcontrollers (I could make the STM32L1 consume much les current than the STM32L0, even using the extern Voltage on both to disable the itnernal stup up converter).


Thank you!