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Relation of L6470H Speed Related Parameters

Question asked by S.Sandhya on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Enrico Poli


      I am using L6470H with stm32f103 for past few months in our project. I have clarified the KVAL value relation with motor through online.I worked out all the commands for motor running given in the  datasheets. It's working fine. The motor mode no is: BH57SH56-2804A 

Motor Datasheet Link: BH57SH56-2804A

      My questions here is to upgrade my project , before I need to clarify few things related to speed. I tried to find out but I couldn't find the proper answer.


My questions are:


  1. In datasheet, there are different speed parameters like SPEED,MAX_SPEED,MIN_SPEED,FS_SPD,INT_SPEED. Is there any one to one relations with these parameters. I do not have complete clarification with these parameters. So, Please guide me to get clarify these parameters  
  2.  Is there any relation between steps value entering in these two parameters( MaxSpd_Steps_to_Par(steps) and MinSpd_Steps_to_Par(steps)) with Speed_Steps_to_Par(steps).
  3. In the Run (DIR, SPD) command, I have passed the steps values in SPD through MinSpd() and Speed() parameters motor is working fine. But , Once I entered the speed values through MaxSpd and IntSpd motor is not running.Is there any particular reason for that?
  4. What is the relation of INT_SPEED and FS_SPD for motor?
  5.  In the dSPIN library code, the values mentioned in the parameters like L6470H_CONF_PARAM_MAX_SPEED (991.821), L6470H_CONF_PARAM_DEC (2008.164) etc., is there any particular formula to find those values? why because is that , I have changed the values in these parameters based on the maximum value given in the datasheet but motor having trouble to run in changed values. So please someone help me out to overcome this issue.

The dSPIN library code link: stsw-spin004