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How can reset micro controller when watchdog occur ?

Question asked by patil.kalpesh on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by Nesrine M

Hello everyone , I am using stm32f0 with keil MDK 5 and St cube mx to generate the code. In my project I want to add  watchdog reset(WWDG) function. I can add WWDG but i want to reset the system when WWDG occurs. i didn't understand how to reset the system when WWDG occurs.


my setting for WWDG  :-


hwwdg.Init.Prescaler = WWDG_PRESCALER_8;

hwwdg.Init.Window = 80;

hwwdg.Init.Counter = 127;


Refresh WWDG: update counter value to 127, the refresh window is:
between 32.1ms (~683 * (127-80)) and 43.7ms (~683 * 64) 



code :-

while (1) {










In above code when i changed delay is lower than 44msec . it working fine. but when i am changing the delay to 50 or more then it stop working of micro controller. I want to reset the micro controller when WWDC occurs. I didn't want to stop the system it will take automatically system reset. 


please help me 


sorry for poor English


thank you