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STM32F100 RTC Issue

Question asked by patel.chintan on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by Clive One

Hello All,


We are working on RTC. We use:

MCU: STM32F100C6T6


Code Generator: STM32CubeMx



-> Connect external 32.767 KHz crystal

-> 3.3 Coin Cell to VBat Pin



-> RTC Config: LSE 32.767 KHz

-> Time and calander active



--> We generate code from Code Generator and config according as same

--> First time we write date and time after that i will not initialize time/date when reset mcu and wakeup

so after then when i  restart mcu my RTC clock time show garbage value and Date become reset.


--> we know RTC Date store in SRAM so its content erase when power up but

We want to update time and date automatically when power off mcu (connected  VBat).


We are stuck here, Any way possible to do this, it is possible so please share us.


Thanks and Regards

Chintan Patel