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stm32f429IET6have amount of  does not acces memory

Question asked by Zotes.Jesus.001 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Clive One

Hi everybody. I have problems to program one stm32f429IET6. The device is attached to a custom board. We start the project with a stm32f429IIT6. When we finished the code we realize that amount of flash was empty so we decide to change the uC to a stm32f429IET. We have made all the changes that are necesary in the stmcube , creating a new project.

The problem is when we charge the code to the new stm32f429IET6. We can see the code is being programed but the uC do not start runing. When you run the debug sesion it try to start in a not existing flash memory address. We have looked the debug settings and we realize that with the IET and the IIT, Keil only detect a 2Mb flash memory chip, what is false beacuse IET only have 512Kb.

Anyone know how to select the correct memory addresses for this device???