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Linux Drivers for lsm9ds1

Question asked by on Apr 3, 2017

Hi ST Experts,


Currently i am working on lsm9ds1 sensor. We are done with hardware connection and we have tested it using sample application using ioctl. In this we are using the polling mechanism. We have to get data from sensor ~100Hz and send it to cloud. 


Now,We want to test it with interrupt driven mechanism. I found that there is a driver available from ST and i have integrated it to our kernel. But somehow its not working for me as expected. I can see data only single time, when i do driver insmod.

GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STMems_Linux_Input_drivers 


I have couple of questions:- 

1) I can not see any interrupts coming on INT1_A/G.? 

    lsm9ds1-ag@0x6b {
   compatible = "st,lsm9ds1_acc_gyr";
   reg = <0x6B>;
   interrupt-parent = <&gpio4>;
   interrupts = <5 0x1>;


2) Is there any Input user space application available to test it.


Please help


Re grads

Sandeep S