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Wesu and UWP: i'ts not a question but you will love this.

Question asked by christophe onillon on Apr 2, 2017

Hi, i worked hardly on the wesu and my windows environment (windows 10 ans windows mobile/phone)


and i arrive now to read data from the bluetooth service of the wesu sensor.


please find my twitter link to see this.


i'm cheking now how to add the assimp library to my project (sharpdx and uwp sdk source code).


but now i ned to order 15 wesu to cover entirely the arm/and and add gesture reconizing.


if you want offer me again some wesu sample it could permit to share result and progress in the project to add automatic speaking recognizing hand/arl movment for deaf-mute.


but a video is always better ... (the video is not very clea but the next video will include hand movment.)


Christophe Onillon on Twitter: "@windowsdev @FrenchTech_IoT @IOT_city @3Dofbis @ST_World @sharpdx2 i used the wesu stm…