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Checking of the rotor angle measurement

Question asked by schraemmli.fortunat on Aug 6, 2012
I am changing FOC motor control library to use it with a motor which uses analog hall sensors. To get the rotor angle out of the 3 phases of the analog hall sensors I am first doing a clark transformation with them to get the 2 dimensional system alfa and beta. From alfa and beta I calculate the rotor position using the function ExecuteCORDIC from the library which in principle calculates the atan2 of alfa and beta.

How my problem ist to check my calculations to be sure that they are compliant with the assumption of the library.

Is there a possibilty with some MC-library function to output a stator field vector with certain angle and length ?

With such a function I could check my calculations for annalog hall signal processing on for example to angles (0 and 120 degress)

I was able to solve my problem.
I connected my motor to a current source to output the following space vectors.

ABC   rotor angle
100     0
010     120
001    -120

With this check I was able to calibrate my calculations for the analog hall encoder and to establish FOC for my motor