Alan Chambers

What are your experiences of C++ on this platform?

Discussion created by Alan Chambers on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Freddie Chopin

I have said elsewhere in this forum that I develop software exclusively in C++ for STM32 devices (and now I've started working on EFM32s). I have found it enormously beneficial over the years, and have encountered no problems from the choice of language. I don't use STL, exceptions or RTTI. I do use an RTOS on some projects, and naturally encapsulate the threads, mutexes, and so on. I've been using IAR and Keil, but assume other compilers would be as good or better.


Obviously I know that not everyone favours C++, especially for embedded work. I'd be very interested to hear the experiences and views of other developers, good or bad.