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SPC560BADPT100S usb/can flash

Question asked by Suarez_Rivaya.Jorge on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Suarez_Rivaya.Jorge

Hi All,

I just got a SPC560 minimodule and a SPC56XX EVB motherboard. I find the getting started extremely vague. I got the serial cable and I have a serial/usb dongle to connect to my PC.

My questions are,

- what is the best method to flash let's say ChibiOS into the board?

- would it be via CAN? (I don't have JTAG yet).

- Is there any specific terminal program to work with? or should I do it via SPC5Programmer?


I have requested licenses for ST SPC5FlashProgrammer and SPCConnectExplorer but I have not received any answer with the Serial Number yet. What is the expected waiting time? How long that license last for?