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Memory management for STemWin

Question asked by Roldan.Sergio on Mar 30, 2017


I want know how ST manage the memory in order to run STemWin library.

In my case, I am using F429IDiscovery Board.
Firstly, I have seen that in stm32f429i_discovery_sdram.h it is defined the address 0xD000000000 from which it is reserved a size of 8MB.
After that, in GuiConf.c, it is defined a block of memory starting at 0x200003C4 but I only can reserve memory to address 0x2002FFFF, so it is a small block of memory and I have had to change the initalization address.
As I saw that in LCDConf.c the addresses defined for Layer buffers are 0xD0200000 and 0xD0400000, I have put the memory block for STemWin starting at 0xD0600000.

Here are my doubts, Why I need to reserve 8MB from 0xD0000000 if after that, STemWin starts by default from 0x200003C4? If layer buffers are defined at the mentioned addresses, what is happening with the memory from 0xD0000000 to 0xD0200000? Am I doing well configuring the start address in GUIConf.c at 0xD0600000 or should I put it within Block 5 which it is not reserved?


As summary I just need to understand the steps to do with the memory in order to run STemWin.