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Can STM32F7 external flash (sd card) be mapped to memory space?

Question asked by mikalajunas.vaidas on Mar 30, 2017


I have eMMC card (8bit SDIO interface), but I think it will be the same situation with SD card. All I want to do - is to make Fat partition for user data storage(video, photo and etc. - it acts as usb flash drive) and some space, which is not Fat formatted - for configuration, let's say user interface menu icons and etc.. So my question is - if FMC is able to map this eMMC card into memory space, that I can reach it in the same manner as external SDRAM - through pointer, for example SDRAM 0xC000 0000. As I have checked datasheet - there is no such place for this kind of memory, but maybe FMC can map eMMC to Quad spi memory space (starting from 0x9000 0000) or other place - let's say - after internal Flash, somewhere 0x81xx xxxx?


Thank You.