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SWD  - Trace: No synchronization

Question asked by Omar Suárez on Mar 30, 2017


I am trying to use the SWD to debug some code and use the Logic Analyzer.

The board I am using is the STM32F769I-DISC1 so the SWO is available for ST-Link.

I have configured the Debug (SYS) in the STM23CubeMX but after some tests the Logic Analyzer doesn't work. I followed this guide:

J-Link/J-Trace User's Guide: Enable Serial Wire Trace 


but the Logic Analyzer still doesn't work. I also checked the Clock Core but nothing happens.

In the Trace bar (Keil) the message is "Trace: No synchonization".

Making a review of the code generated by STM32CubeMX I can see that the pins SWDIO and SWCLK seem to be not initialized inside main.c file (unlike all the other pins used in this board) but they are defined in the main.h.


How can I initialize the functionality of SWD in those pins inside main.c file?


Thanks in advanced,