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STM324x9I_EVAL and external Flash

Question asked by Mas.Jordi on Mar 29, 2017



recenty I bought an STM324x9I_EVAL and I would try to run the STemWin_SampleDemo in the external flash. My toolchain is MDK_ARM an I use Keil 5
As I know, I need


  • Add a Programming Algorithm for the external flash. Is there one compatible with M29W128GL?
  • Make an init file to configure the RCC, GPIO and FSMC registers because had a minimal setup before download with Programming Algorithm.
  • Change the Memory Areas to ROM1, setting it as default and Startup. Set the Start address at 0x60000000 and size 0x1000000.
  • Flash an IAP in the internal flash for jump to the external flash. I think the IAP application sample could be a valid initial point, changing only the address where I want to jump to 0x60000000.


Is there more steps to get on success?


Best regards