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how can i use DMA?

Question asked by Sun_Woo.Lee on Mar 30, 2017

i have been stm32F303VDT chip


i use DAM with ADC3 ,4 with Trigger tim2 channel 3

Perfectly done


but I used timer2 so I must change trigger timer 3 .

so  i  changed timer 3 channel 4 but It is not executed.


The procedure is start DMA  next timer Start


HAL_ADC_Start_DMA(&hadc3, (uint32_t*) ADC_I_Result, ADC_NUM);
HAL_ADC_Start_DMA(&hadc4, (uint32_t*) ADC_Q_Result, ADC_NUM);


HAL_TIM_PWM_Start (&htim3, TIM_CHANNEL_4);


why can i used it?