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Why does my BLDC motor stop during acceleration?

Question asked by Dror Laor on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Enrico Poli

I'm currently evaluating STSPIN32F0 as a solution for BLDC polygon motor control & drive.



The application is:

  • 38V nominal
  • 8A max @ acceleration
  • 60 deg displaced hall sensors
  • 2 pole pairs

BLDC stator

My Motor configuration is



When probing for hall-sensors feedback I get:

Sensors 1-3 correspond to channels 1-3 respectively.


b-emf was also measured:


My sensor configuration is


When measuring b-emf on UVW terminals I get

UVW correspond to channels 1-3 respectively.


When trying to speed ramp to 15,000 in 15,000 ms I get the following UVW drives:


Motor starts spining for approx. 10s and then stops.


MC Workbench displays the flowing data after motor is stopped:


My SystemDriveParams folder & MC Workbench project is attached as a .zip file.

No changes have been made in the source files except commenting out #define EXAMPLE_POTENTIOMETER and #define FIRMWARE_VERS "STM32 FOC SDK\0Ver.4.4.2"


Any Ideas?