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Difference with DMA between F746ZG and F746IG

Question asked by Jeremy Durand on Mar 28, 2017
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before receving my new board, I develop application on NUCLEO-F746ZG (at 25 MHz). I use a DMA on RX of USART3 (DMA1 Stream 1 Channel 4). All works fine. When I received new board with STM32F746IG (at 8 MHz), the DMA on RX of USART3 doesn't work. My counter never increment. Of course, I adjust parameters of clock. On USART3, I can transmit and receive by interrupt, but I need to use RX by DMA. All other functionnalites of my application work fine.

If I come back on the NUCLEO-F746ZG (by changing clock configuration), the DMA on RX of USART3 works fine...

Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance!

Jeremy D.


I use Keil uVision 5.23, CMSIS 5.0.1, MDK 7.4.0 and DFP 2.9.0.