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JPEG into Memdev STemWin

Question asked by Roldan.Sergio on Mar 28, 2017

I am using 32F429I-Discovery Board with STemWin v5.32 and I am not able to show a JPEG image when I load it into a Memory Device.
The code I am using is attached to the question.

There firstly I draw the image at position (0,0) without problems, then I try to load it into a Memory Device and draw the it with some lines.
I can see the lines but not the image, what can I do to draw the image?

It is not a lack of memory because I have included some variables to know the free memory and the used memory after draw the image, after create the memdev and after delete de memdev and I can see that there is enough memory.


Another question is about memory use, because when I get the free and the used memory after each use there is not the same amount of memory:


The variables a,c and d are refered to the free bytes and the others to the used bytes, so what I see is that if I do a+b, c+d and e+f, it should be the same value, but it is not.






How it is possible?