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My MCU works fine in debug mode but out of debug mode it suddenly fails

Question asked by mohamadi.parisa on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by mohamadi.parisa


Something is driving me crazy.

Actually I have written a program that


receive 100chars each 60ms from USART1 and 2 with RXNE interrupt(baudrate 57600)

receive100chars each 100ms from Ethernet with PHY and after processing it sends to USARTs port with TXNE interrupt

sends 120 chars to PC via Ethernet each 100ms with Timer.


it works fine when I connect my board via st-link in debug mode but when I get off out of debug mode it works for 1-2 hours and suddenly hangs and disables Ethernet communication.In this states I can't realize what  my problem is.


what is your idea about this strange states? why it works fine in debug mode?


Thanks in advance