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X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 examples don't work on NUCLEO-L476RG boards

Question asked by Delay.Andy on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Delay.Andy

Hello STM Community. 

I am using the openstm32 System Workbench IDE and would like to play some of the code examples given by ST

Sadly, the projects for the -L4 boards spit out errors when building. 


For example: The Wifi_VCOM example for STM32L4xx boards:

When the "copy projects into workspace" option is checked, I get this error upon building:

"Description Resource Path Location Type
make: *** No rule to make target `/Middlewares/ST/STM32_SPWF0xSy/Utils/event_buffer.c', needed by `Middlewares/ST/STM32_SPWF0xSy/Utils/event_buffer.o'. Stop. STM32L0xx-Nucleo-WiFi_VCOM C/C++ Problem"

When I import the project without the option, I get this error before the build even starts:

Errors occurred during the build.

Errors running builder 'CDT Builder' on project 'STM32L4xx-Nucleo-WiFi_VCOM'.



Why don't these examples work out-of-the-box?