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How to use CCM RAM within STM32 microcontroller for functions and variables

Question asked by Mootaz Amr on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by Mootaz Amr

Hi STM32 lovers.
I am currently using a STM32F429 µC in my project.
I would like to use the 64kB CCM memory for placing some buffers (Not accessed by peripherals and DMA) and some critical functions (ISR functions that need to run very fast).
I am lost with the “mysterious” GNU Linker file, I tried my best and succeeded to place some variables (even initialized) using the attribute GCC command and the startup code.
Using the modified linker script attached (sections.ld) and the memory file (.mem) file and the makefile, the compiler outputs a 384MB .bin file, of course will not fit the 2MB µC’s Flash.
I travelled all around forums and tutorials, followed the most famous ones:
Application note AN4296 :
From analog Devices forum:
But in vain !
Could anyone say what I did wrong, what is missing ? How should the script file be edited ?