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53L0-SATEL problem

Question asked by Davide Spina on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by john kvam

I'm having some troubles using the VL53L0X sensor (53L0-SATEL-I1 board); I used the other satellite board included in the x-nucleo-53L0A1 without any problems, but the 53L0-SATEL-I1 isn't working properly; it seems that the I2C bus is not available when i try to communicate with other sensors in the same bus. Using an oscilloscope i see that the voltage level in the sda and scl pin is about 1.5 Volts instead of 2.8V that should be thanks to the regulator and the level shifter. The input voltage of the 53L0-SATEL-I1 is about 3.3 Volts and in the output of the regulator i see 2.8 Volt correctly. The problem is in the SDA and SCL pin; the voltage is lower than the value should be. Could you please help me? Thanks. Davide