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Configuring Timer for DAC triggering

Question asked by Omar Suárez on Mar 23, 2017


I need to configure the parameters of timer TIM6 inside the STM32F769 to trigger the DAC output.

The triggering time is variable and must be set depending on some parameters sent to the MCU from a PC.

The minimum triggering time is 2 us and the maximum is 500 s.

I am wondering whether setting the TIM6 as DAC trigger is the best way to work with this wide triggering time interval (this is the way I am configuring it now).

I assume that using it in this way makes me to select the Prescaler of TIM6 depending on the triggering time range sent by de PC, so I need to calculate the time ranges for all the available Prescalers.

Am I right?

And is that the best way of triggering the DAC in this situation?


Thanks in advanced,