Disappointing STM32F722R

Discussion created by brombaugh.eric on Mar 23, 2017
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I'm a long-time STM32 developer, been doing audio/DSP applications for these processors for the last 5 years or so. The STM32F7 family has been great - powerful core, lots of useful features, etc. Generally very happy with it and porting my previous apps to it has been fairly straightforward despite the transition from StdPeriph to HAL.


I was excited to see the STM32F722R parts, hoping that I could get F7 power in a 64-pin package and small board area. I picked up a few from Future recently and was hoping to dive in to a board design with an audio codec to try it out. I pulled up CubeMX and started assigning pins and was extremely disappointed to learn that this part has *NO* full-duplex I2S ports! All the SPI/I2S ports are simplex only, SAI1 can *only* do SPDIF and SAI2 doesn't bring out the SDA line on any pins. Result - this part is completely useless for audio processing.


Pretty sad that the ST engineers who assigned the pinmuxing for this part didn't think full-duplex I2S was worth supporting.