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Question asked by Daniel Tarrago on Mar 22, 2017
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In the application I'm developping I'm going to Stop1 mode and waking-up by RTC every 31.25ms.

Before setting up all the peripherals (I2C, USART2, LPTIM, ADC) I set all ports as analog inputs

At this moment, I have I2C disabled and ADC is taking some measurements every 5 seconds. With the USART I manage a device that is most of the time sleeping: MCU has to wait for an answer that is received when this device wakes up (now, every 10 seconds): I have set up USART2 and HSI to wakeup from Stop1 mode when receiving something via this USART2.

Taking into account the above described scenario, min power consumption is about 60uA.

In this situation, I have also disabled ADC, and now power consumption has gone down to 30uA. So, if ADC is not working in Stop1 mode, why have I seen such reduction in power consumption when disabling ADC?

Is it necessary (for power consumption purposes) to Deinit de ADC after each measurement and Init it again before carrying out a new measurement?


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