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how to configure stm8s microcontroller's internal oscillator clock in STVD evironment?

Question asked by KANDASAMY.GURUMOORTH on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Ian Legg

microcontroller :stm8s003f3p6


when I am trying to upload the code it shows following error


Error : Cannot communicate with the device !


so I was thinking this error is shown because the internal oscillator is not configured.


then I have used following internal clock configuration in STVD but it is showing error following error


void InitialiseSystemClock()
CLK_ICKR = 0; // Reset the Internal Clock Register.
CLK_ICKR_HSIEN = 1; // Enable the HSI.
CLK_ECKR = 0; // Disable the external clock.
while (CLK_ICKR_HSIRDY == 0); // Wait for the HSI to be ready for use.
CLK_CKDIVR = 0; // Ensure the clocks are running at full speed.
CLK_PCKENR1 = 0xff; // Enable all peripheral clocks.
CLK_PCKENR2 = 0xff; // Ditto.
CLK_CCOR = 0; // Turn off CCO.
CLK_HSITRIMR = 0; // Turn off any HSIU trimming.
CLK_SWIMCCR = 0; // Set SWIM to run at clock / 2.
CLK_SWR = 0xe1; // Use HSI as the clock source.
CLK_SWCR = 0; // Reset the clock switch control register.
CLK_SWCR_SWEN = 1; // Enable switching.
while (CLK_SWCR_SWBSY != 0); // Pause while the clock switch is busy.


#error cpstm8 main.c:13(17) invalid lvalue
#error cpstm8 main.c:22(16) invalid lvalue
#error cpstm8 main.c:21(0+8) CLK_SWCR undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:20(0+7) CLK_SWR undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:19(0+11) CLK_SWIMCCR undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:18(0+12) CLK_HSITRIMR undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:17(0+11) CLK_PCKENR2 undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:16(0+11) CLK_PCKENR1 undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:15(0+10) CLK_CKDIVR undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:14(0+8) CLK_ECKR undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:12(0+8) CLK_ICKR undefined
#error cpstm8 main.c:41(7) missing prototype