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VL53L0X freeze after ~1 min of use

Question asked by Itamar Eliakim on Mar 21, 2017




I am trying to operate the VL53L0X through ADLINK I2C SEMA3.5R7 (com express) interface.

I initialized all the registers correctly according to - 

vl53l0x-arduino/VL53L0X.cpp at master · pololu/vl53l0x-arduino · GitHub 


after around ~1 min of use(continuously read the 16bit from 0x13) the device halts, i get 0 on all of the readings from the device and the only way i can get the results back are to initialize the device again.


Is there any error code register to get better understanding why the device freezes? 

Is there any chance that someone had same issues with this device?


I am using the satellite with 10K pull-up resistors on SDA/SCL.


Appreciate your help,