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is it possible to make a FOTA on an STM32L073RZ ?

Question asked by raphael declercq on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by pezzoni.luca

Hi everyone  ,


For a project I need to make the FOTA work on an STM32L073RZ. I downloaded the package " FP-SNS-MOTENV1" from ST and tested it on an L476RG with a IDB05A1 together with a IKS01A1, it worked perfectly, I was able to flash some code from the android app via Bluetooth.
In the specs it is specified that this FOTA works on L4s and DOESN'T work on L053R8, but nothing is said about L073RZ.
Does anyone already used FOTA on a L073RZ? Do you think it is possible to do so?


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