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Handling CCxOF flags Input Capture Mode

Question asked by John Hite on Mar 21, 2017
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In the main code I set ARR to 0xFFFF and PSC to 21000-1, a long count at a leisurely pace. After the timer counts a bit I enable an external event with my function generator. In my ISR experiment I immediately disable the timer ( TIM_Cmd(TIM4, DISABLE);)  and then there is a break point on the next line. At this point I turn off the function generator.


As I would expect it sometime occurs that the CC1OF flag is set as well as the CC1IF flag. Reading about the status register in section 6 of RM0090 CCxOF flags are not described as interrupts. However if I do not clear it my program will re-enter the ISR a second time. So it seems that CC1OF does act like an interrupt as UIF nor any CCxIF flags are set.


I am also curious why TIM_GetITStatus() and TIM_ClearITPendingBit() do not address the CCxOF flags. As one definitely needs to account for the OF bit and clear it.