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programming a STM32F429IG

Question asked by Peden.Fabrice on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Clive One

Hi erverybody,


I'm programming two cards. The first has a STM32F205RG, this one functions perfectly, I can program it and do what I want (I'm using SWD connection to program my cards).


The second one has a STM32F429IG. For this one, I cannot program it. I have tried with J-LINK, ST LINK (by using IAR or ST LINK utility). The connection diagram is exactly the same as for the first board, and I have also checked all connections between connector and µC.


In enclosed documents, my main connections (PDR_ON and BYPASS_REG are not connected, I have also tried to connect them to VDD but it's the same).


If you have any suggestions (diagram, option in IAR/ST LINK), I'll be very happy.


Thank you




Fabrice Péden