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H3LIS331DL Configuration Doubts

Question asked by Pirro.Matteo on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Miroslav B



I'm working with H3LIS331DL MEMS sensor. I read the IC datasheet many times, but I still have some doubts on how to configure it. In particular I ask you:


  • INT_THS register: it is a 7bit threshold while data is a 12bit value. This means the threshold resolution is lower? I have 2^7 level from 0 to Full Scale value? Am I right?
  • INT_DUR register: datasheet says duration step depends on ODR chosen. This means if I set a INT_DUR = 0x0A and ODR=1000 duration is 10ms, while if ODR is 10 (low power) duration is 1sec? Am I rigth?
  • INT_CFG register: ZHIE=1 means interrupt will fire when |acceleration| > Threshold while ZLIE=1 means interrupt will fire when |acceleration| < Threshold. Right?

Thank you for your support.


PS I suggest to insert this kind of information on the datasheet because in my opinion is not clear at all.