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Setting up FOC for a small BLDC-motor with hall sensors

Question asked by schraemmli.fortunat on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by Gigi

I am trying to setup the ST FOC library with a small BLDC-motor with hall sensors. I am using the evaluation board STEVAL-IFN003V1. I have configured all parameters of the system with the ST Motor Control Workbench and I am able to communicate with the system trough the panel Monitor of the Motor Control Workbench.

I have connected the windings and hall sensors according the procedure described in chaptre "5.2.3. Setting up the system when using hall-effect sensors" of the User manual UM1052.

When I press the button Start Motor on the MC Workbench then the motor makes a little hitch ( one to two revolution ) and the the system goes into the state Speed feedback fault. This state can be reset by pressing the button Fault Ack. 

I experimented with different values for HALL_PHASE_SHIFT without any success.

Does any body have an idea, why I am always getting this Speed feedback fault ?