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STM32F769i Eval and ADV7180-Pictur not clear

Question asked by Syed.Rizwan on Mar 21, 2017

Hi ,

We are working on STM32F769i-Eval board and  ADV7180 evaluation board.

We are facing some issues regarding video display on LCD.


ADV7180-EVAL & STM32F769i-Eval board are used for this testing and both are powered up.

NTSC camera output connected to ADV7180-EVAL CVBS input. ADV7180- EVAL 8 Bit data,

HSYNC, YSYNC, LLC and GND is connected to STM32F769i-Eval board (8 Bit camera interface).



We are converting YCrCb to RGB565 before displaying it on LCD.

Picture which we are getting is not clear.Some pink is color covered over the video which is displayed on LCD.

Moreover, Video is moving up and down, its not still like normal video


How can we make it proper?



Thanks and Regards

Rizwan Syed