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USB MSC Device to SD card with 1024 block size SD

Question asked by Masriera.Jordi on Mar 21, 2017

I'm working with a test application that is a USB MSC device, the device is the SD card. The code is created by Cube. It works fine with SD cards wit 512 block size. Now I have a 1024 block size SD and it doesn't work. I think that the problem is in SCSI_ProcessRead function, because, hmsc->scsi_blk_len = 1024, MSC_MEDIA_PACKET = 512 and hmsc->scsi_blk_size = 1024, so len = 512 and when calls the Read function the number of blocks to read is 0 (512 / 1024). I've tried to set MSC_MEDIA_PACKET = 1024 but it doesn't work.


How can I solve this problem?


/*** @brief  SCSI_ProcessRead

*         Handle Read Process

* @param  lun: Logical unit number

* @retval status


static int8_t SCSI_ProcessRead (USBD_HandleTypeDef  *pdev, uint8_t lun) {

  USBD_MSC_BOT_HandleTypeDef  *hmsc = (USBD_MSC_BOT_HandleTypeDef*)pdev->pClassData;

  uint32_t len;

  len = MIN(hmsc->scsi_blk_len , MSC_MEDIA_PACKET);

  if( ((USBD_StorageTypeDef *)pdev->pUserData)->Read(lun ,


                               hmsc->scsi_blk_addr / hmsc->scsi_blk_size,

                              len / hmsc->scsi_blk_size) < 0)   {