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filtering criteria for accepting frames into the FIFO

Question asked by Bensoussan.Michel on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Erwan Y


I' using spc56EL70L5

I'm trying to define several CAN acceptance filters. Let's say I want to receive ids 0x100 to 0x1FF and 0x400 to 0x4FF, only regulars. I config as following:


BCC = 1


RXFIFO.IDTABLE[0] = 0x08000000

RXIMR[0] = 0xf8000000


RXFIFO.IDTABLE[1] = 0x20000000

RXIMR[1] = 0xf8000000


MCR = 0x2003001F


The second filter (IDTABLE[1] and RXIMR[1]) has no effect and only ids 0x100 to 0x1FF are received.


I don't understand how to use the 8 filters.