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Terminal Emulator COMM and X-CUBE SPN11

Question asked by Landry.Christian on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Landry.Christian

Trying to communicate to a X-Nucleo IHM11M1 demo board and the Nucleo-F401RE using Tera Term and the IHM11M1 does NOT respond to sent commands.  I am running the X-Cube-SPN11 software sucessfully by uploading it to the IHM11M1.  I can manually start the BLDC motor using the on-board buttons on the -F401RE board.  When I start the terminal emulator SW to communicate to the IHM11M1/F401RE demo boards, I get no response from the demo boards.  NOTE, when I press the reset button on the F401RE, the menu screen apprears in the terminal emulator window as shown below: 

*             X-NUCLEO-IHM11M1 - 6-Step Motor Control Expansion board        *
 List of commands:


  <STARTM> -- Start Motor
  <STOPMT> -- Stop Motor
  <DIRECT> -- Set the Motor direction CW or CCW
  <SETSPD> -- Set the Motor Speed
  <GETSPD> -- Get the Motor Speed
  <STATUS> -- Get the Status of system
  <POTENZ> -- Enable/Disable the potentiometer
  <HELP>   -- Show the help menu
             ************* MAIN MOTOR PARAMETERS ***************
  <INIREF> -- Start-up duty cycle
  <ACCELE> -- Motor acceleration value during startup
  <POLESP> -- Set the Motor pole pairs
          ****** PI REGULATOR PARAMETERS - SPEED LOOP  ******
  <KP-PRM> -- Set the PI proportional term
  <KI-PRM> -- Set the PI integral term


However, when I try to send any of the commands above I get no response.  Is there a special character required when transmitting the commands?  Do I need another driver to communicate to the  demo boards while the motor is running?  I am following the quick start guide to get this up and running.

I am using IAR to compile the code