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H3LIS200DL I2C not working for more than 5 mins

Question asked by Ahmad.Waqas.001 on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Ahmad.Waqas.001

Hi, I am using H3LIS200DL with RFduino (RFD22102 ) as microntroller, I have used the schematic given in data sheet except I have connected CS pin to Vdd (for using I2C). Also I am using Arduino H3LIS331Dl_demo code attached below.


The IC works fine for 5mins and then readings become constant. And when I use it again after 10 hours or so, it again works fine for 5mins only. This is happening from 3 days. I have also resoldered it and rechecked the capacitors. 

I used 3 ICs. One worked fine but the same problem is happening with other 2.


Is this any soldering problem?

Am I missing any point?

Help would be appreciated.





H3LIS200Dl data sheet :… 

RFD22102 data sheet:…