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I looking for a graphic co-processor chip or PCB  to add to my embedded STM32F4xx board

Question asked by Tremblay.Marco on Mar 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by AvaTar

I am looking for a graphic co-processor chip or PCB to add to my embedded processor boards used with industrial equipment.


My boards presently use the STM32F4xx micro-controller which is a little slow for graphics processing. The next big upgrade from ST, the STM32H7xx, is also likely to be too slow. The solution for the next few years of production seems to be adding a graphic co-processor (GPU) to the STM32F4xx.


The main problem is that my board is an embedded system without PC like bus. The operating systems is a minimal real time version produced by Keil lacking all the services of Windows or Linux.


So, I am looking for a chip to mount on my boards that would interface like a memory on the parallel bus or use an SPI interface.


Does anybody knows of a suitable co-processor on the market?