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STM32f429 vs STM32F767, process speed?

Question asked by Demirci.Oguzhan on Mar 20, 2017
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We are testing a code which is generated from simulink. Code  is processing over the single precision operands. When we compile the code with keil , by choosing STM32F767 and SP FPU, the maximum time to complete the  one cycle of the algorithm seems more than the maximum time  for the STM32F429 in the same conditions. This means F429 is processing and completing  the algorithm faster than F767.

ın the technical manual, we were expecting the FPU of the F757 must be faster than F429, in contrass processing the algorith time  seems more than F429.

CPU speed of  F767 is 216MHz and F429 is 168MHz. we selected the same optimization levels over the keil before compiling.

Algorithm time is measured by a timer as starting in the beggining of the algorithm and stoping at the end.

Question is why and how is the 767 works slower than the 429?


thank you for your answers,

Oğuzhan Demirci