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STM32F4 FSMC TFT problems

Discussion created by Gregorio Vidal on Mar 20, 2017
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Hi all,

I am using the FSMC in the STM32F407VGT to work with a 5" SDD1963 TFT. The connection between the TFT and the main board where the microcontroller is, is done using a FFC 36 way 0.5 pitch cable. If I use a 100mm-200mm length cable everything works ok, but if I use a 300mm length cable the LCD has some interference or noise and some of the text is not display properly in the LCD. I tried to ground the metallic part of the LCD with not success and I will try to use a shielding cable. Apart form that, do you know if the FSMC has a maximum distance? Should I use pull-up resistors in the FSMC lines?


Thank you for your help