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MFI authentication error for ST Bluetooth module.

Question asked by Shelke.Sachin on Mar 20, 2017

We are using ST BT module v 4.0 in one of our product, in our device ST module directly interact with the MFI authentication chip for communicating with mobile application. We are under process of MFI authentication for our application. Currently we are communicating our device with BT analyzer and it gives us below error

Error: Did not see required identification message during the automatic tests with apple device.

Error: Accessory sent as invalid link packet

Error: Did not see RequestAuthenticationCertificate, AuthenticationCertificate, RequestAuthenticationChallengeResponse, and AuthenticationRespond during the automatic Tests with apple device.

Brief About our application:

We have device which send data to iOS mobile application via Bluetooth.

Pls give us solution ASAP.