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Capture timestamps on falling edge events with eTimer

Question asked by Plazas.Florent on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Erwan Y

Hello everyone,


I work on a SPC560 P40 L3 and I would to capture timestamps on falling edge events on SECSRC "Counter #0 input pin".

I have one square signal mapped on eTimer0 channel 0 on the C[11] pin alternate function.




I could see my signal shift from high state to low state with Trace 32. So I think my signal is correctly mapped to the input.



Here is my eTimer channel 0 configuration  : 


I have a signal with a 12,5 kHz tick time and a 16 Mhz SYSCLOCK.


Unfortunately, there is no events on CAPT 1 register.


First, I was wondering for some time synchronization issues but when I select "Count rising edges of primary source while secondary input high active" CNTR just stop. So I suspect that the counter #0 input pin is not linked with my input signal. I could manually see values on CAPT 1 when I change SECSRC polarity with the SIPS register, but thats all.


Is there any mistakes with my eTimer configuration register ? I am also wondering how I could synchronize IP bus clock and my sensor signal tick time with just a 128 prescaler.




Best regards,


Florent Plazas