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SPC5Studio SPC570S MCU Wizard

Question asked by Thomas Nawrath on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Erwan Y

Hello Together,


I am fairly new to developing Software using SPC5 Studio. I have been at the Embedded World and got an introduction to SPC5Studio. Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate what I have seen at the fair.


Currently, I am trying to set up a Project for SPC570S. I have available the Evaluation board SPC570S-DISP.


SPC5Studio Version 5.2.3

I am loading a demo Project using the SPC5Studio Wizard: select my demo board, select a demo Project "SPC570Sxx_RLA CAN Test Application for Discovery" and off we go.

The Project is created successfully and I want to get started configuring the MCU using the MCU wizard (plugin is installed). But I cannot find it. The same applies to the Clocktree Wizard. The plugin is installed but I cannot find it for my Project anywhere.


Can someone give me a hint as to how to get my development started?


Best Regards,