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Callback, Drivers and Linker

Question asked by Mirri.Daniele on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Erwan Y

Hi all,
I am working on SPC560B-DIS, and i have more than one problem:
1) I'm starting writing the firmware from the test app that the wizard provides but, if I start for instance from PWM-ICU test Application by default it enables eMIOS driver but if i want to enable the PIT (for instance but it happens with every driver i enable) the generator doesn' t add me the needed libraries, Am I wrong thinking that he should do it automatically??? If is not, should I just add the header config file??

2) if I have  any driver that should invoke a callback at certain point I put the name of the callback funcion in the relative text box in the driver'ssetting tab for instance call_back _f

than I write the funcion body in the main file: void call_back_f(void) {count++;}

but the funcion is never called.

Is there something that i'm missing??
3) if I want to add  an header file with relative source file: I just select the source folder in my project then new>Header file and then new>Source file and i'm naming them file.h and file.c respectively.  The problem here is that the linker doesn't link the files or eventually it links but anyway the funcion are not called. i say eventually cause indeed it doesn't happens every time.
I hope to dont have oveerloaded the community and Erwan overall.
Thanks all.